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1286) Moira Woodward 
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Thursday, 7 February 2019 04:43

I am a member of Cam Parish Council's Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group and would be most grateful if any of your members could help with my query. The Neighbourhood Development Plan is proposing 12 local green spaces and one area is a grassed triangular area off Mill Way /Nordown Road in Cam which is used by local people for dog walking etc.. A member of the public has referred to this area as "The Laggers's" this correct? Another person believes that The Laggers is the green area of land off Nordown Lane which has a path leading to Spouthouse Lane.

I would be most grateful of your help please.

Andy Thursday, 7 February 2019 15:55
Hello Moira. I have looked at this in the past and was given a marked up map showing the position of the Laggers field by someone who lived in the farm on the Norman Hill House estate. They had first hand knowledge of the area over many years. I will send you a marked up map of a modern satellite view together with an extract from an old map showing the original whole field. Basically the Laggers was a large triangular field which extended from the road at Tilsdown down towards what is now Nordown Road. Most of the top part of the field is now built on with the houses in Tilnor Crescent so only the small triangle off Nordown Road, Mill Way, Valley View remains. This is the first area you mention in your post.
I hope that helps.
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