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1265) Maureen Surman 
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Sunday, 14 August 2016 16:33

For many years we have been trying to find the origins of Joseph SURMAN born, c.1756, who became a Minister in Chesham, Bucks. Having failed, research has been undertaken on his Tutor, Cornelius Winter, a Methodist Preacher. From one of Cornelius's letters we have the following:- 'Mr. Surman, an excellent youth in humble life, always engaged my notice when I preached at Dursley; and I seldom left the congregation without exchanging a word with him; but as I hardly ever had time upon my hand, we did not abound in conversation. Being upon a visit in Gloucestershire, in the Midsummer of 1782, and having appointed on a Lord’s day to preach at Frampton, entering the court, I unexpectedly saw him'. Additional research: 'In 1910, a story about the closing of Christ Church in the Painswick newspaper spoke of Winter as a “very influential pastor at Christ Church”. As he had done at Marlborough, Winter established an Academy at Painswick, which operated from 1788 until his death'. Joseph Surman had 3 sons, Joseph, Cornelius and John. It is possible that Joseph's father was named either Joseph or John. Could the family have been non-conformists before Cornelius Winter's time? Has anyone else got a SURMAN in their family history? Any help greatly appreciated.
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