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542) Mike Cullington
Woodbridge, Suffolk
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Sunday, 7 August 2005 04:17 Send E-mail

Came upon your interesting site whilst delving into the history of the old Beccles to Yarmouth stretch of railway. This was after a recent walk along the Waveney that passed the location of the swing bridge near Beccles.
Do you know where there are any photos of the bridge?

Andy (webmaster) Sunday, 7 August 2005 11:54
Hi Mike
The book "Eastern Main Lines - Saxmundham to Yarmouth" by Richard Adderson and Graham Kenworthy, published in 2001 by Middleton Press, ISBN 1-901706-699, contains several pictures of the St. Olaves swing bridge plus many details of the whole line from Beccles.
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