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539) James Dennis
Berney Arms Station Adopter
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Saturday, 23 July 2005 05:18 Send E-mail

Hi Guys, may I introduce myself, I am the station adopter for Berney Arms, normal clean up duties require picking up the odd bit of litter and weeds. I also report directly to One Railway about any problems, e.g the white platform edges have been repainted as soon as they have been reported as fading, recently myself and other helpers have cleared the platforms of weeds and grass, repainted the back fence (still on going as we speak) planted bulbs, cleared the bramble growth at the back and had a major litter pick, when we finish the east side of the fence (past the waiting shelter) we hope to start on the station approach path.
The main request we get is increase the trains at night, sorry under railway health and safety a train cannot call at a totally unlit station during darkness, plus at Berney Arms the platform and crossing also come into the problem with night time boarding (plus it's a request stop - how would the driver see you at night)
As for the most common item picked up in the litter, well apart from fag ends it's shoes or trainers - assume the ones which got wet in the marshes.
Any problems let me know or post it on here and it will get reported ASAP to One Railway if we don't spot it first.

Andy (webmaster) Saturday, 23 July 2005 16:40
Good to see someone is keeping an eye on the place. Well done.
:-) :-( ;-)
:o :D :p
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