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537) Suvvey
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Sunday, 10 July 2005 17:39 Send E-mail

Hi. When asking around about local green lane routes the Berney Arms has cropped up several times in conversation. Checking on the O.S. maps doesn't show a public right of way for vehicles. I am a member of a 4x4 owners club and a public house at the end of a good drive would make the ideal place for local members to meet. But obviously wanted to check the situation with access and I guess parking with yourselves.

Andy Sunday, 10 July 2005 17:49
Hi, I'm pretty sure the track out to the Berney Arms is not a public right of way. Not sure who owns it, it could be the Broads authority or maybe the RSPB nature reserve through which it passes. Some is also in private hands I think. I know that using it has always been discouraged but you could try phoning the pub to find out more.

Bill Maxted Tuesday, 12 July 2005 06:10
There is a footpath and cycle route through the nature reserve but not vehicle access. It forms part of the Wherryman's way beween Reedham and Gt Yarmouth.
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