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527) Ian Martin 
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Monday, 13 June 2005 18:42

Went for a walk across the Halvergate Marshes on Sunday, When I reached the Berney Arms I was disappointed to see that the sails still have not been replaced, and the doors padlocked. Any ideas on when the sails will be replaced, as it is already 4 years overdue!! What a shame frown

Grace and David Rogers Sunday, 19 June 2005 17:58
We visited the Berney this weekend and as you say there are still no signs that the sails will be returned onto the Berney mill. The tar finish to the outside of the mill that was applied about a year ago is already falling off due to inadequate preparation. It seems that mill is in need of urgent professional repair and is being let down badly by those responsible for its upkeep. On a more positive note the Berney pub is still going strong and the duck on the menu deserves a try.
Dave and Grace Rogers , Eastern Dawn.
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