Dursley Road, Woodfield

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Dursley Road, Woodfield

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Hello all. We've recently moved to the area from Bristol. We've bought a house on Dursley Road, near the Yew Tree pub, and opposite the old Fourboys garden centre. I'm interested in the history of the house and the local area and would love to hear anyone's memories of this part of town. Does anyone know much about it?

I know this much, but can anyone elaborate or correct me? Our house was built between 1910 and 1920, and has been extended at least twice, most recently in the '80s I guess, and also the rear portion of our plot was sold and built on, also in the '80s I guess. We have access off Woodfield Road behind us as well as off Dursley Rd. I believe there was once a filling station behind us, and there was clearly a quarry behind us too. A neighbour told me there used to be a well in our garden. Our front door currently faces up the hill but I believe that before the extension was built the front door faced west, towards the pub.

I'd be fascinated to hear if anyone knows any more.

Thanks, Tim

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Re: Dursley Road, Woodfield

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Just a few bits of information for now Tim, and a map of the area from 1922, showing your house I believe. You can see the Yew Tree, built where it is because Stinchcombe didn't want any public houses within the Parish. Consequently the pub was built as close as possible to Stinchcombe, but within the Cam Parish boundary. You can also see references to the quarry on the map. You're right in saying that there was a filling station behind you, it only disappeared a few years ago.
I'll add more when I can.
Cam, 1922
Cam, 1922
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