Information on Edward Fox (1496-1538)

Everything has to fit somewhere! Anything else related to Dursley's past.
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Information on Edward Fox (1496-1538)

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I am seeking any local information on Edward Fox, who was born in Dursley in 1496 according to the Dictionary of National Biography (London: 1889), and went on to become Thomas Wolsey's secretary, Henry VIII's lead researcher on the issue of Supremacy, and was the "talent scout" who brought Thomas Cranmer to Henry's attention.

I am doing research related to his important work, De Vera Differentia Regiae Potestatis et Ecclesiae, ("The True Difference Between the Regal and Ecclesiastical Powers") published in Latin in 1534, and later translated into English in 1547.

The scant information I have says that he was "wild" in his youth but possessed of remarkable talents and unlimited energy.

Any information, links, or leads about the youth of this often overlooked, but remarkable and significant, person would be appreciated. I hope to visit Gloucestershire at some time in the future, but I am currently prevented by circumstances so would be greatly appreciative of any assistance that could be offered.

Liam Atchison
Kansas State University

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