Calling all ex-Lister apprentices!

Memories of Lister's, Dursley's biggest engineering company.

Re: Calling all ex-Lister apprentices!

Postby dursleyglos » Sat Dec 06, 2014 6:33 pm

Hello Ian. There are no records left with the company any more. All remaining records were transferred to Gloucester Archives but I think it may be some time before they are made available and I'm not sure they contain any details of apprentices. If you leave your father's name and any details you have someone may be able to assist.
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Re: Calling all ex-Lister apprentices!

Postby APerrett » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:06 pm

In 1958 I joined as an apprentice, but subsequently I managed to get an indentured apprenticeship although over age. as a student apprentice 1958 to 1963, after the first weeks in digs on road to Stinchcombe near junction of Taits Hill Road I lodged at Claremont Hostel, Kingshill Road. Later I had digs with Headmaster of Dursley School at Drakestone House, Stnchcombe looking out over Nibley, lastly a room next the Church at Stinchcombe. I did the Training School routine and filing, memory not good but Mr Bearpark was initially in charge of us. A stint on lathes, Bullard and marking out base plates next door where I broke a finger. Returned probably to Main Tool Room, some weeks in the foundry, Main Stores, drilling in a machine shop, Engine Assembly & Test, a long period in electrical maintenance, Drawing offices designing auto trucks, a stint at Blackstones in Stamford, Lincs. Visits to Wotton u edge and Cinderford, overseas sales office, there was a Rear Admiral in charge of us after Mr Bearpark. There was a Dutchman from Ceylon, Bev Vandergert rings a bell, also Bickford , John Allen, Pablo Sanchez from Colombia.
ONC at Dursley Tech. HNC (Electrical ) at Gloucester Tech. and at end of apprenticeship Sir Percy sanctioned a full time course for 6 months to do the Part III Institution of Electrical Engineers exams at Bristol College of Advanced Science and Technology. Worked at R A Lister & Cia Ltda SACI in the Argentine, Buenos Aires for a year 1964/65, producing JP diesel Generators. Subsequently power station construction, then finished as a lawyer. Very grateful to R A Lister for a start in life. Anthony Perrett
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Re: Calling all ex-Lister apprentices!

Postby PJAY » Sun Sep 13, 2015 8:19 pm

Yes Remember it well. Mr Alan Jacks, Ken Burrell, Bill Clark and Ken Smith.

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