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Memories of Lister's, Dursley's biggest engineering company.
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Ex Employee

Post by Patricia »

I worked at Listers for over 23 years.

I grew up with many of the Lister employees, having gone to school with a lot of them.

In the earlier years nearly all employees were from Dursley or the surrounding villages.

It was Company custom of the Lister family to employ complete families if possible. If your mother or father worked there, you stood a good chance of getting a job there.

I enjoyed my time at Listers and would have liked to have spent the rest of my working life there, had it not been for the continuous redundancy situation. Every time there were redundancies and you were saved you spent the next six months or so wondering if you were going to be next.

That said everyone was friendly, we had lots of social life in the Club, Skittles, Tennis, bowling etc.

It would be nice if there could be a "Lister Reunion" like the school reunions for ex-employees and present employees.

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Re: Ex Employee

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Hi Patricia

I think there have been reunions over the years. Just a few years ago there was a large one for ex-apprentices which was held at the social club. Perhaps, contacting the club or the company itself might attract some interest.
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Re: Ex Employee

Post by JanetWiltsBA12 »

Patricia, As you worked at Lister's did you know my father-in-law Francis Arthur Hancock? He worked there for many years and was married to Marjori. They had a lot to do with skittles and may have even run it at some stage. They lived in Raglan House before moving out to Summerhayes. Their son Roy worked there too before joining the army. I was his 2nd wife. He was married to a local girl before me, name of Maureen. He was adopted and had a brother Gordon who went to another Auntie and sister Grace who went to their Grandmother. I am trying to do his family tree and wondered if you could help. See post in the Genealogy section. Janet

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