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Computer Model

Posted: Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:51 am
by markmalley
I am intending to make a computer model of the old Dursley Donkey branch line for the Microsoft Train Simulator and would be Interested in any old photos, maps,
plans, documents etc. that forum members might have of the line.

anything to do with it would be useful but especially pictures of the Buildings, Rolling stock, and the track layout itself.

Although this is not a commercial undertaking I would need permission to use the photos in the model, and to acknowledge my sources.

If I can get this project off the ground (or on the rails in this case) I will be making copies of it available to forum members or anyone else with an interest and if anyone
else is interested in joining me in this or is already doing something similar I would be only to pleased to cooperate with them.

I can be contacted through the forum or at

Regards Mark