Eliza Gibbons Dursley Workhouse 1841

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Eliza Gibbons Dursley Workhouse 1841

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I am in Canada and my ancestor Eliza Gibbons, who later married William Mann, was born in Dursley about 1830. There is a record in the 1841 census for the Dursley Union Workhouse for an Eliza Gibbons aged 9 years that I believe is her. If anyone has any information about Eliza, the Gibbons family in Dursley or the Dursley Union Workhouse that may help me in my research of Eliza Gibbons I would greatly appreciate it.

Eliza appears to be orphaned or otherwise alone (per the 1841 census listing) as there are no other Gibbons in the workhouse at that time. I had seen a post elsewhere about another family of 3 children alone in the workhouse where the parent was in jail and this may have been the case for Eliza as well. Our family did not know anything about this branch other than Eliza's son William George Mann who emigrated to Canada in the late 1870's.

Thank you!

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Re: Eliza Gibbons Dursley Workhouse 1841

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Hi hgottinger. I don't know if you are a member of Ancestry, but there are a number of family trees regarding William George Mann, his family, together with his father Wiliam and his mother Eliza (Elizabeth) Gibbons.
You are correct in saying there is a Eliza Gibbons on the 1841 Census in the Dursley Union Workhouse, but i have found a Elizabeth Gibbons on the 1841 Census, living in Boulton Lane, with John Williams (an ancestor of mine), together with his wife Hephzibah (Gibbons), It also interesting to note, there is a William Gibbons together with his wife Mary, and daughter Lydia on the same Census.
Also, i have found a Eliza Gibbons b. 1831, on the 1851 Census living at Goldsmiths Place, St. Leonards, Shoreditch. London as a house servant Ibirthplace Dursley), and a Elizabeth Gibbons b. 1828 living in Boulton Lane (possibly the above Elizabeth living at the same address). Her occupation is stated as a Wire Setter, unmarried and living as a lodger (b. Dursley).
The Eliza Gibbons living in Shoreditch was livng with a Charles and Sarah Fluck, Elizabeth was living with a Elizabeth Hill and family, also interesting, is a Henry Gibbons b. 1847.
William and Eliza(beth), had four children: William George (1857), Elizabeth Rosa (1859), Charles Frederick (1861), and James (1864) - all births were registered at Gloucester South Hamlet.
William and Elizabeth were married the quarter January 1857 at St. James Church, Dursley.
I could only find two baptisms for a Elizabeth Gibbons: 19 Apr 1826, Dursley, father Daniel, mother Hannah, Elizabeth Gibbons:10 Jan 1836, Dursley, father William, mother Charlotte.
0n the 1861 Census William and Elizabeth were living at Brook Street, Barton St Mary, Gloucestershire, with William and Elizabeth.
As you now can see, your Eliza(beth) could be either of the above, so more research needs to be done.
There are plenty of websites that could help you regarding the Union Workhouse in your researcch. but perhaps your first port of call would be The Dursley Glos Web.
I do hope that you may find the above information useful, and if I may be of more help to you, please do contact me again.
Best wishes Diane

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