Uley and North Nibley Ancestors

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Uley and North Nibley Ancestors

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I am looking for more info, on the following people, also any ancestors of them.

Sarah Hill b1728 Uley
Abraham Hill b1708 Uley Father of Sarah above
Hester Terret b1694 Mother of Sarah above
Peter Terret or Teret Father of Hester above
Abraham Hill Father of Abraham above
Sarah Robbins Mother of Abraham above
The last 2 were married at Uley 1707.

Hannah Owen who Married, at North Nibley in 1816, John Bishop from Malmesbury, they then took up residence in N.Nibley according to Census and BMD records for themselves and their children.

I have seen somewhere a reference to names like some of the above being Protestant Dissenters but I have been unable to relocate that info.

John Lomas

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Re: Uley and North Nibley Ancestors

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I found this photograph amongst my wife's family collection. No one seems to be able to identify anyone on it. I am assuming that it a North Nibley lodge from the name. On the back is a collection of signatures but fewer than persons on the front with no indication of who is who. If anyone is able to attach names it would help. Not sure of the date, but probably late 20's to mid 30's.
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