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Posted: Tue May 08, 2018 6:07 am
by LeeGeh
I am looking for family of Thomas (born 11/01/1751 Dymock, Gloucestershire) and Sarah Hurn (no details) they had a few children:
Elizabeth Hurn - 1778 to May 1778, Hawkesbury Upton, Gloucestershire
Hannah Hurn - 1782 to 19 December 1861
Giles Hurn - 1784 to 1841 (Giles is my 3+grandfather) I have no records on his death. I heard stories that he died in the war.
Giles and Charlotte (nee Bloodworth, born 1785 in Uley, Gloucestershire, daughter of James Bloodworth and Betty Long?) Hurn. They married 9 May 1814.
Giles was born 6 June 1784 (died before the 1841 Parish census in Uley)
Giles and Charlotte had the following children (which were supposedly born in Dursley):
Sarah Ann Hurn - born 25 October 1817 - baptised 15 March 1818 - no other information
Thomas Hurn - born 10/06/1819, died 13/07/1891, married a Mary born in 1818 (their children was a William, born in 1844 in Uley, no other information)
Susanna - born 1822, died 1895 (no other information)
William - born 1824, married a Mary born in 1828 (Their children were Harriet (born 1862) Minnie (born 1866) and Laura (born 1874), no other information.
Robert Hurn - May 1, 1827, Dursley, Gloucestershire, England Death: November 13, 1895, Chalumna, Amatole, Eastern Cape, South Africa (my 2+grandfather)
Giles Hurn - circa 1835 - Sailed to Sydney, Australia aboard the Golconda, which was sponsored by Samuel Bloodworth (no other information)
Variations of Hurn that I have found are Hurn, Hern, Herne, Hiron