R.A. Lister coach trip photograph

Have a photo of old Dursley to share? Post here to see if anyone can add anything.
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R.A. Lister coach trip photograph

Post by Patricia »

I have an old photograph of a coach trip that was organised by Mr Palfrey, Accounts Dept, R A Lister in the late 1950's when we visited Heathrow Airport and had lunch at Kingston on Thames.

The Accounts had a regular annual coach trip at that time.

I would be interested know if anyone recognises themselves. I am the fith from the left hand side.
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Re: R.A. Lister coach trip photograph

Post by ken »

A group prior to a similar trip, but a little earlier, 1950 ish?? These were from the Wotton-u-edge factory, as yet no more details.
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Re: R.A. Lister coach trip photograph

Post by Wend-woo »

Dear Patricia
Just seen your lovely Lister coach trip photo. I believe I am next to you - sixth from the left, and next to me is my old friend, lovely Angela Rudge. Hope you see this. My name was Wendy Cross, now Wood. I have a photo of Angela and I posing with parrots by the river on that day. Best wishes.

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Re: R.A. Lister coach trip photograph

Post by dursleyglos »

Thanks for adding more names. I wonder if anyone else recognises themself?
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