William Lister

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William Lister

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One section on your web site is incorrect. You say that after George Lister died in 1870 his estate passed to his brother in law, William. However, William was his eldest son who had been a wanderer for a number of years, largely in search of gold. He then settled for some time on North Island New Zealand, where he farmed and during that time married Catharine Fraser in 1867 (after whom my mother was named). He was sent for by his father in 1869 ( I have a copy of the letter) as George believed he was dying and being estranged from Ashton had no other potential heirs than William in whom he had not previously had a great deal of confidence it would seem. William returned in 1870/71 and took over his father's house ( The Rivers) and business. When he returned to England he was accompanied by Catharine and his first born Lousia Margaret ( known as Maggie) who went on to be the thrid woman to graduate in medicine from what was to become Bristol University. His son George ( my grandfather) inherited the business after William died in 1903 and I'm sure you would have a record of that George somewhere as he was Chairman of the Stinchcombe Golf Club at one point and very well known in the Dursley area. Do you have any pictures of The Rivers? I have done an enormous amount of research on the Frasers/ Listers and have visited both New Zealand ( especially the Wiapu Museum) and Nova Scotia where the Frasers came from after leaving Assynt in Scotland. Any information on Dursely and the business William inherited in the period 1870 - 1903 would be invaluable as I'm writing a historical novel on the subject of Catharine and Dr Louisa Margaret (Maggie) Lister. So much has been written about the Lister men, but precious little on the women who were actually quite amazing. Anything you can send me would be much appareciated. Thank you. Joanna van Kool

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Re: William Lister

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Hi Joanna
Somehow I missed your earlier post, sorry out that but thanks for leaving it - very interesting. I do actually have picture of Rivers Mill House which I'll dig out along with any other information I can find. Are you still writing your novel?
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